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Books and Monographs on Tesla by Leland Anderson

Leland Anderson Bibliography

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 Nikola Tesla On His Work With Alternating Currents 
and Their Application to Wireless Telegraphy, Telephony and Transmission of Power
Nikola Tesla On His Work With Alternating Currents - Front CoverLeland Anderson
In this recently discovered transcript of a three day interview conducted in 1916, Dr. Nikola Tesla, using words and graphic illustrations, provides a step by step description of his remarkable accomplishments in the area of radio frequency engineering.  In a style uniquely his own, Tesla carefully traces his work—from the first high frequency alternators constructed at his New York City Grand Street laboratory and the associated tuned RF circuits through the establishment of his huge broadcasting facility, the Wardenclyffe Plant, at Shoreham, Long Island.  Among the variety of topics discussed are: high frequency alternators, experiments with wireless telegraphy and telephony, mechanical and electrical oscillators, the Colorado experiments, theory and technique of energy transmission, the Long Island plant, and arrangements for receiving.  Seldom, in technical research, has such a treasure of descriptive commentary and historical documentation been discovered.  The previously untold story found within the pages of this remarkable book has been described by the prominent Tesla researcher James Corum as a "veritable Rosetta stone" for tracing the technical thoughts of one of our most distinguished engineering scientists.  Includes 61 photos and 42 line-art illustrations, many never before published.
314-NTL, xvi, 240 pp., paperback, . . . $26.95

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  Nikola Tesla: Lecture Before the New York Academy of Sciences — April 6, 1897
Leland Anderson
This book offers the reader what has been previously unavailable material on the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla in field of radio frequency electrical engineering. While first delivered under the title "On the Streams of Lenard and Roentgen with Novel Apparatus for Their Use" the information carried within the text of the lecture goes far beyond this topic. In addition to his opening remarks on X-ray discovery, a major portion of Tesla's commentary deals with the specially designed high frequency resonators that were used in conjunction with his work, plus clear descriptions of stroboscopic instruments he designed for measurement of frequency and phase. Other topics addressed include wireless receiving methods and the genesis of Tesla's particle beam projector of 1937. During the talk Tesla had displayed approximately 120 drawings of specially constructed vacuum tubes, many being of the Lenard type and also the single-electrode type of his own design. Also among the drawings were renderings of various tubes used in his wireless communications experiments. Enhanced photographs of these images are among the 30 illustrations which fill out this fine volume.
351-NTL, 142 pp., paperback, . . . $12.95

  Nikola Tesla — Guided Weapons and Computer Technology
Leland Anderson
This work, the third installment of the Tesla Presents series, is based upon legal records associated with the Nikola Tesla vs. Reginald A. Fessenden Patent Interference on the Fundamental AND-Gate logic circuit. While the U.S. Patent Office record is sufficiently important on the basis of its title alone, Tesla winning the claim to this invention, surprisingly the deposition contains heretofore unpublished disclosures by Tesla on the operation of his large high frequency resonators at both the Houston Street laboratory in New York and the Experimental Station in Colorado. Information is presented on what Tesla spoke of as the "art of individualization" for obtaining various levels of security in wireless transmissions. Also included is material on the history of radio-controlled devices, the first practical form of these being Tesla's radio-controlled "telautomaton"an operational boat first demonstrated to the public at Madison Square Garden in 1898.
337-NTGW, 251 pp., paperback, . . . $18.95
  Nikola Tesla's Teleforce & Telegeodynamics Proposals
Leland Anderson
It was back in the 1930s when the unorthodox inventor Nikola Tesla revealed to the world plans for two unusual devices. In both cases the system technologies which he described had their roots back in an earlier time—the tremendously period in Tesla's life that began around 1890. In this book, the original texts of the teleforce and telegeodynamics proposals, sealed in archives for more than 60 years, are presented for the first time. The principles behind "teleforce"—the particle beam concept, and "telegeodynamics"—the mechanical earth- resonance concept for underground seismic exploration, are fully addressed. Included are reader's aids, commentaries, and significant newspaper articles and headline accounts documenting the first mention of these proposals. An Appendix section provides a wealth of related material and background information.
381-TELE, 124 pp., paperback, . . . $24.95
 Dr. Nikola Tesla Bibliography
Dr. Nikola Tesla Bibliography - Front CoverLeland I. Anderson & John T. Ratzlaff
First published in 1979, this is the second printing of an exhaustive annotated bibliography of writings by and about the inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). The period covered is from 1884 through 1978 with approximately 3,000 citations arranged in chronological order. In compiling this edition, all earlier bibliographical efforts were merged, with both North American and European sources being cited. In addition to searching periodical directories and newspaper indexes, complete runs of 23 serials were examined for content; morgue files were examined for un-indexed newspapers; Tesla's estate papers were examined for reference to obscure published articles; clipping files in major institutional and public libraries were examined. The end result is a major work that to this day serves as an aid to the user in following the sequence of Tesla's life, scientific discoveries, and accomplishments.
354-NTB 248 pp., paperback, . . . $24.95

Priority in the Invention of Radio -- Tesla vs. Marconi
Leland Anderson
9 pages, 8 illustrations, 17 references, 5 1/4" X 8 1/2", saddle stitch binding.
431-PIR . . .

John Stone Stone on Nikola Tesla's Priority in Radio and Continuous-Wave Radiofrequency Apparatus
John Stone Stone, with Introduction by Leland Anderson
24 pages, illustrated, 5 1/4" X 8 1/2", saddle stitch binding.
. . . $4.95

Ball Lightning & Tesla's Electric Fireballs
Leland Anderson
31 pages, illustrated, 8 1/2" X 11", saddle stitch binding.
490-TEF . . . $6.95

Nikola Tesla's Residences, Laboratories, and Offices (list)
Leland Anderson
i, 11 pages, illustrated, 8 1/2" X 11", plastic comb binding.
433-RLO . . . $3.00

Tesla Turbine References Expanded Edition (bibliographic list)
Leland Anderson and Warren Rice
23 pages, 8 1/2" X 11", plastic comb binding.
432-TTRX . . . $5.00

Les Turbines a Frottements ou Turbines Tesla (Frictional Turbines or Tesla Turbines)
E. Merigeault, translated by Leland Anderson, with commentary by Jeff Hayes
iv, 29 pages, illustrated, 8 1/2" X 11", saddle stitch binding.
403-LTAF . . . $7.95

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