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Kenneth L. and James F. Corum Bibliography
Papers and books authored by electrical engineer Dr. James F. Corum, Ph.D. and experimental physicist Kenneth L. Corum, and their associates.  Formal and rigorous scientific analysis applied to Nikola Tesla's experiments.

"Nikola Tesla and the Electrical Signals of Planetary Origin," K. L. Corum and J. F. Corum, Ph.D., International Tesla Conference, "Tesla, III Millennium," Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 1996. 82 pp. Illustrated.

"Nikola Tesla and the Diameter of the Earth: A Discussion of One of the Many Modes of Operation of the Wardenclyffe Tower," K. L. Corum and J. F. Corum, Ph.D. 1996. 30 pp. Illustrated. 

"The Schumann Cavity, J. J. Thomson's Spherical Resonators and the Gateway to Modern Physics," K. L. Corum and J. F. Corum, Ph.D. 1996. 77 pp. Illustrated.

"Nikola Tesla, Lightning Observations, and Stationary Waves," K. L. Corum and J. F. Corum, Ph.D. 1994. 44 pp. Illustrated. 

"Atmospheric Fields, Tesla's Receivers and Regenerative Detectors," K. L. Corum, J. F. Corum, Ph.D., and A. H. Aidinejad, Ph.D. 1994. 44 pp. Illustrated.

"Tesla's Egg of Columbus, Radar Stealth, the Torsion Tensor, and the "Philadelphia Experiment," K. L. Corum, J. F. Corum, Ph.D., and A. H. Aidinejad, Ph.D., 1994. 45 pp. Illustrated. 

"Dr. Mahlon Loomis: Terra Alta's Neglected Discoverer of RF Communication," K. L. Corum and J. F. Corum et al. 1992. 69 pp. Illustrated.

"Some Thoughts on Tesla's Death Beam," K. L. Corum, J. F. Corum, Ph.D. and J. F. X. Daum, Ph.D. 1992. 32 pp. Illustrated.

"Tesla and the Magnifying Transmitter: A Popular Study for Engineers," K. L. Corum and J. F. Corum, Ph.D. 1990. 57 pp. Illustrated.

"Fire Balls, Fractals and Colorado Springs: A Rediscovery of Teslas's RF Techniques," K. L. Corum and J. F. Corum, Ph.D. 1990. 36 pp. Illustrated. 

"Tesla Coils: 1890-1990--100 Years of Cavity Resonator Development," K. L. Corum and J. F. Corum, Ph.D. 1990. 27 pp. Illustrated.

"Tesla Coils: An RF Power Processing Tutorial for Engineers," K. L. Corum and J. F. Corum, Ph.D. 1988. 88 pp. Illustrated.

"Spherical Transmission Lines and Global Propagation, An Analysis of Tesla's Experimentally Determined Propagation Model," K. L. Corum, J. F. Corum, Ph.D., and J. F. X. Daum, Ph.D. 1987. 81 pp. Illustrated.

"Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils," J. F. Corum, Ph.D. and K. L. Corum. 1987. 150 pp. Profusely illustrated. Paperback. 

"The Transient Propagation of ELF Pulses in the Earth-Ionophere Cavity," J. F. Corum, Ph.D. and A-H. Aldinejad, Ph.D. 1986. 10 pp. Illustrated. 

"A Technical Analysis of the Extra Coil as a Slow Wave Helical Resonator," J. F. Corum and K. L. Corum. 1986. 24 pp. Illustrated. 

"Critical Speculations Concerning Tesla's Invention and Applications of Single Electrode X-Ray Directed Discharges for Power Processing and Terrestrial Resonances," J. F. Corum and K. L. Corum. 1986. 22 pp. Illustrated.

James F. Corum, Ph.D., is a senior member of the IEEE and is listed in Who's Who in Engineering, Leading Consultants in High Technology, American Men and Women of Science, and more than a dozen other professional and biographical dictionaries in the US and Europe.  Formerly a Senior Scientist at Battelle (Columbus, OH), he is now Chief Scientist at the Institute for Software Research, Inc.  Other positions include time spent as Chief Scientist at Science Applications Research Associates (Huntington Beach, CA), and 17 years as a tenured college professor.  Dr. Corum is a member of the American Geophysical Union, American Association of Physics Teachers, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Sigma Xi, and a Life Member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association.  He is also a former Chairman of the West Virginia Subsection of the IEEE, a former Secretary of the DARPA National Panel of Radar Experts on Ultra-Wideband Radar, and was cited by the U.S. Office of The Secretary of Defense as "A National Treasure."  Additionally, Dr. Corum has a broad range of professional experience in Relativistic Electrodynamics, General Relativity, Applied Electromagnetics, Antennas, High-Voltage RF Engineering, and Radio Wave Propagation from 7 Hz. (Schumann Resonances) through 18 GHz. (Radio Astronomy).  He is the inventor of Contrawound Toroidal Helix Antenna technology and was an invited guest of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow.  His RF research has been recognized by prestigious scientific organizations and professional societies around the world, and his many achievements include numerous awards and the publication of 100 technical papers, 7 books, and 5 patents.

Kenneth L. Corum is listed in American Men and Women in Science and is the recipient of many industrial awards.  He is the author of more than 60 technical papers and 6 books.

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