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Tesla Coil Related Books by Eric Dollard



 Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers
Click to enlarge.Eric Dollard
    While this one-of-a-kind book from 1986 is more of an engineering analysis of Tesla coil operation than a guide to their construction, it does provide the Tesla coil builder with some alternative views on the configuration of these devices. Written at a time when most coilers were focusing their attention on the "classic" Tesla coil design, the author recognizes the advantages to be gained by inclusion of a base-driven helical resonator or extra coil, and gives suggestions as to how oscillator performance may be optimized. The book closes out with a reprint of Fritz Lowenstein's 14 page paper titled CAPACITIES, presented in 1915 before The Institute of Radio Engineers.
440-CITT, 54 pages, illustrated, . . . $19.00

 Dielectric & Magnetic Discharges in Electrical Windings
Click to enlarge. Eric P. Dollard
Tesla devoted an enormous portion of his efforts to exploring dielectric phenomena and made numerous groundbreaking discoveries in this area.  This piece addresses the relationship of the dielectric and electromagnetic aspects of electricity, providing real insights for those researchers seeking to recreate and expand upon Tesla's work.  The author contends that the phenomena of dielectricity is fertile ground for profound discovery.  Included is a reprint of the article Electrical Oscillations in Antennas and Induction Coils by John Miller, 1919, containing equations useful to the design of Tesla Coils.
304-DMD, 38 Pages, . . . $12.95     

 Theory of Wireless Power
Click to enlarge.Eric Dollard
The author relates a theory of electric waves as envisioned by Nikola Tesla and some of his contemporaries that conflicts with the Hertzian concept of transverse vibrations.
434-TWP, 69 pages, illustrated, . . . $14.95

Eric Dollard
Extension of the theory of versor operators and imaginary numbers to represent complex oscillating waves such as those encountered in the researches of Nikola Tesla and everywhere in Nature.  Theory of Free Electricity produced by rotating apparatus such as variable reluctance devices. Waves flowing backwards in time are explored.
405-GEW, 86 pages, illustrated, . . . $19.95

Eric Dollard
Introduction to the FOUR QUADRANT THEORY of Alternating Current which allows engineering of Tesla’s inventions. Provides a more complete understanding of the use of versor operators (degrees of rotation), necessary to the understanding of the rotating magnetic field. The process of the production of electrical energy using the neglected QUADRANTS OF GROWTH is brought about via the use of these operators. 
406-AEW, 53 pages, illustrated, . . . $19.95

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