Proceedings of the 1984 Tesla Centennial Symposium

A non peer-reviewed forum on Nikola Tesla and his work conducted in Colorado Springs.

William Terbo
    "Opening Address"    9

H.W. Jones
    "Project Insight: A Study of Tesla's Advanced Concepts"    11

Patrick McKee
    "An Aspect of Concept Formation in Tesla's Thought"    29

Mark Seifer
    "Nikola Tesla: The Lost Wizard"    31

James Corum & Kenneth Corum
    "Disclosures Concerning the Operation of an ELF Oscillator"    41

James Corum & Kenneth Corum
    "A Physical Interpretation of the Colorado Springs Data"    50

Robert Golka
    "The Tesla Coil Experiment"    59

Ronald J. Kovac
    "Ball Lightning Research via Computer Tesla Coil Design"    62

Oliver Nichelson
    "Tesla's Self-Sustaining Electrical Generator and the Ether"    67

Rastko Maglic
    "Thunderbolt Induced Earth Tremors, Possible Resonances"    71

Charles Yost
    "Electric Weather Forces: A Tesla Vision"    77

Robert W. Bass
    "Self-Sustained Non-Hertzian Longitudinal Wave Oscillations as Rigorous Solutions of Maxwell's Equations for Electromagnetic Radiation"    89

Richard A. Blade
    "Modification of Maxwell's Equations in Free Space to Account for Nonzero Photon Mass and Scalar Electromagnetic Waves"    91

Richard A. Blade & Steve Rogers
    "Wavefront Detection Using a Dithering Mirror"    93

Jack Dea
    "Scalar Fields: Their Prediction From Classical Electromagnetism and Interpretation from Quantum Mechanics"    94

Moray B. King
    "Macroscopic Vacuum Polarization"    99

Elizabeth A. Rauscher
    "Properties of Nonlinear Coherent Modes in MHD � Plasmas and a Possible Resolution of the Plasma Confinement Problem"    108

Thomas E. Bearden
    "Tesla's Electromagnetics and its Soviet Weaponization"    119

Andrija Puharich
    "Method and Means of Shielding a Person from the Polluting Effects of ELF Waves and All Other Environmental Electromagnetic Emissions"    139

Nikola Tesla
    "The New Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-Dispersive Energy Through Natural Media"    144


Proceedings of the 1986 International Tesla Symposium

A non peer-reviewed forum on Nikola Tesla and his work conducted in Colorado Springs.

William Terbo
    "Opening Remarks"    I-15

Charles Wright
    "Taming the West With AC Power"    1-1

Philip Callahan
    "Tesla the Naturalist"    1-7

Thomas Valone
    "Tesla's History In Western New York"    1-27

Mark Seifer
    "The Inventor and the Corporation"    1-53

Andrew Michrowski
    "Nikola Tesla's Studies in the Physical Mechanisms of Consciousness"    1-75

H.W. "Bill" Jones
    "Nikola Tesla: Generator of Social Change"    1-89

James Corum & Kenneth Corum
    "Technical Analysis of the Extra Coil as a Slow Wave Helical Resonator"    2-1

Eric Dollard
    "Representation of Electric Induction"    2-25

Durland Cox
    "The Origin of Skin Effects"    2-83

William C. Wysock
    "Tesla Coil Installation for Public Viewing: EMI, Gasious Emission, Acoustic Noise and Discharge Control"    2-91

Robert Golka
    "Long Arc Simulated Lightning Attachment Testing Using a 150kw Tesla Coil"    2-103

A-Hamid Aidinejad & James Corum
    "The Transient Propagation of ELF Pulses in the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity"    3-1

Parris Neal
    "High Resolution Measurements of OH Infrared Airglow Structure"    3-13

Jack Dea
    "Ball Lightning and Self-Confined Thermonuclear Reactions"    3-31

Peter Graneau
    "Cold Explosions of Short Atmospheric Arcs"    3-39

Walter Baumgartner
    "The Tesla Earthquake Oscillator"    3-47

Peter Graneau
    "Ampere-Neumann Electrodynamic of Metals"    4-1

Moray B. King
    "Cohering the Zero Energy"    4-13

Moray B. King
    "Application of DeBroglie's Law Under Time Varying Potentials"    4-33

Jack Dea
    "Instantanious Interactions"    4-35

Raymond C. Gelinas
    "Curl-Free Magnetic Vector Potential Effects in a Simply Connected Space"    4-43

Kyle A. Klicker & John C. Stover
    "Motional Electric Field Theory of Force Between Relative Moving Charges"    5-1

John C. Stover & Kyle A. Klicker
    "Electrodynamic Forces Between H Atoms Compared To Gravitational Forces"    5-17

Alexis Guy Obolensky
    "The Magnetic Force is Faster Than Light"    5-29

John Blake
    "The Particle Photon"    5-41

George Hathaway
    "Engineering Non-Conventional Energy Systems"    6-1

Roger Hastings
    "Measurement & Analysis of Joseph Newman's Energy Generator"    6-21

Thomas Valone
    "The Homopolar Generator: Tesla's Contribution"    6-29

Pankaj Sen
    "Power System Stability: A Fresh Look"    6-47

Thomas E. Bearden
    "Fundamental Concepts of Scalar Electromagnetics: Part 1: Electrogravitation"    7-1

James Corum & Kenneth Corum
    "Critical Speculations Concerning Applications of Single Electrode X-ray Tubes"   7-21

A. Fortran
    "Z-ray" A Tesla Alternative to SDI"    7-45

Vince Wiberg
    "Tachyons in a Geopathogenic Zone"    8-1

Hans Petermann
    "New Laser Generators and Interdimensional Technology"    8-5

Phil Thomas
    "Basic Body Frequency Stability"    8-15

Mary Hardy
    "The Tesla Design and the Secret of Coil Energy"    8-21

Raymond Arlo
    "Applied Time Dynamics"    8-37

Richard J. Benson
    "Motions Single Phenomenon"    8-49


Proceedings of the 1988 International Tesla Symposium

A non peer-reviewed forum on Nikola Tesla and his work conducted in Colorado Springs.

William Terbo
    "Opening Address"    I-15

Nikola Pribic
    "Nikola Tesla A Yugoslav Perspective"    1-1

Charles R. Wright
    "The Great AC/DC War"    1-5

Patton H. McGinley
    "Tesla's Contribution to Electrotherapy"    1-12

Marc J. Seifer
    "Nikola Tesla: History of Lasers and Particle Beam Weapons"    1-19

Dan Edwards
    "Computer Simulation and Experimental Verification of Tesla's HV Machines"    2-1

Kenneth L. Corum & James F. Corum
    "Tesla Coils � An RF Power Processing Tutorial for Engineers"    2-8

James Corum, Kenneth Corum & Craig Spaniol
    "Concerning Cavity Q"    3-1

John Sutton
    "Earth-Ionosphere Cavity Magnetic Field Spectra in the 3-30 Hz Band"    3-17

Rastko C. Maglic
    "Electromagnetic Wave Scattering from the Earth's Core"    3-24

Elizabeth A. Rauscher
    "Fundamental Excitory Modes of the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity"    3-34

Peter Graneau
    "Space Disposal of Plutonium with the Water Arc Launcher"    3-70

Moray B. King
    "Demonstrating a Zero-Point Coherence"    4-1

Paramahamsa Tewari
    "Phenomenon of Electric Charge Generation by Space Rotation"    4-14

P.T. Pappas
    "The Cardinal Law of Electrodynamics, the Principle of Conservation of Energy, and the Tesla Magnifying Effect"    4-20

Alexis Guy Obolensky
    "The Magnetic Force is Faster Than Light"    4-25

Bruce DePalma
    "Studies on Rotation Leading to the "N" Machine"    5-1

John Moray
    "Radiant Energy in the Eighties"    5-16

Shelly Thomson
    "Observations on the Problem of Increasing Human Energy"    5-23

George Hathaway
    "A Brief History and Recent Developments of Levitation"    6-1

Craig Spaniol
    "Gravitodynamics"    6-20

Thomas E. Bearden
    "Maxwell's Lost Unified Field Theory"    6-24


Proceedings of the 1990 International Tesla Symposium

A non peer-reviewed forum on Nikola Tesla and his work conducted in Colorado Springs.

William H. Terbo
    "Opening Address"    vii

Aleksandar Marincic
    "The Tesla Museum"    1-1

Charles Wright
    "The Great AC/DC War"    1-15

Marc Seifer
    "Nikola Tesla & John Hays Hammond Jr."    1-25

James Hardesty
    "X-Rays and Electron Beams: The Origins of Modern Physics"    1-51

James Corum & Kenneth Corum
    "100 Years of Cavity Resonator Development"    2-1

James Corum & Kenneth Corum
    "A Rediscovery of Tesla's RF Techniques"    2-19

Toby Grotz
    "Computer Aided Design of Tesla Coils"    2-43

John F. Sutton & Craig Spaniol
    "An Active Antenna for ELF Magnetic Fields"    2-61

Paul Brown
    "Tesla Technology and Radioisotopic Energy Generation"    2-77

Sevier Bonnie III
    "Current Tesla Turbine Technology"    3-1

Glen Rein
    "Non-Hertzian Scalar Energy and EM Energy: The Biological Connection"    4-1

John Moray
    "Nikola Tesla: Father of Bioelectronics "    4-15

Paul A. LaViolette
    "A Tesla Wave Physics for a Free Energy Universe"    5-1

Paul A. LaViolette
    "Detecting Galactic Superwaves: An Appeal to Scalar Wave Astronomers"    5-21

George Hathaway
    "An Engineering Introduction to Zero Point Energy"    5-29

Moray B. King
    "Tapping the Zero-Point Energy and Scalar Current"    5-51

Lynn A. Surgalla
    "Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical Physics for the 21st Century"    5-63

Thomas Valone
    "Nonconventional Energy and Propulsion Methods"    5-73

Charles Yost
    "High Voltage Concentric Field Generator Design"    5-85

P.T. Pappas
    "Energy Generation Phenomenon: Lab to Star and Galaxy Generation"    5-107

Shelly Thomson
    "Experiments in Synchronicity    5-123

Dan Davidson
    "The Gary Magnetic Effect"    5-133


Proceedings of the 1992 International Tesla Symposium

A non peer-reviewed forum on Nikola Tesla and his work conducted in Colorado Springs.

Marc Seifer
    "The Secret History of Wireless Communication"    1

Kenneth, James & Joel Corum
    "Dr. Mahlon Loomis: Terra Alta's Neglected Discoverer of RF Communication"    19

James Hardesty
    "The Experiments of Kristian Birkeland"    35

Sid Romero
    "Practical Construction and Testing of Tesla Coils"    41

William Wysock
    "Design & Construction of a 1/2 Wave Tesla Coil"    51

Kenneth & James Corum
    "Tesla and the Magnifying Transmitter"    55

John Sutton
    "The Black Hole Antenna"    79

Gary Johnson
    "Tesla Coil Instrumentation"    93

John Couture
    "A New Tesla Coil Design Approach"    106

George Wiseman
    "The Energy Conserver Method"    111

Dan Davidson
    "Electrostatics: A Key to Free Energy"    125

Thomas Valone
    "Tesla Technology Research Results"    132

Roger Billings
    "The LaserCel"    141

Walter Baumgartner
    "Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature"    147

Moray B. King
    "Progress in Zero-Point Energy Research"    157

Glen Rein
    "Non-Hertzian Effects on the Atomic Spectra of Water"    165

Larry Spring
    "Electromagnetic Energy from Antennas to Atoms"    178

J.F.X. Daum
    "Thoughts on Tesla's Particle Beam Technology"    183


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