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Nikola Tesla's Wireless Work : The development of a ground-based system for wireless transmission
Gary Peterson
301-NTWW ... $19.95

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book provides a history and engineering analysis of a ground-based system for wireless telecommunications and the transmission of electrical energy for lighting and other purposes developed by Nikola Tesla.  This work began in 1891 and continued practically up to the time of his death in 1943. 


Nikola Tesla’s research in the area of wireless telecommunications and power transmission began in 1888.  At the time he was involved in the design and manufacture of rotating machinery for the fledgling electric power industry.  In the course of this work he occasionally had opportunity to run a particular alternator at high speeds (in the area of 10,000 RPM) developing currents around 2,000 cycles per second, or 2 kHz.  The circuits also included, “transformers, etc., and condensers.”  The phenomena he observed “were entirely new” and of a nature leading him to believe that a solution to the problem of wireless energy transmission might be found therein. . . .

A further modification of a type-two transmitter, this circuit represents the preferred prototype transmitter design developed in 1899 at the Colorado Springs experimental station.  The transmitter circuit now consists of separate two elements, an alternator-driven oscillator and an adjacent free oscillatory system. 

In the further modified type-two transmitter shown above the two halves of the transformer have been physically separated.  The transmitter now consists of two discrete units.  The oscillator is on the left with its elevated plate still connected to the upper secondary terminal.  The free system on the right consists of the original elevated plate connected to the upper terminal of the extra coil.  Instead of a wire connecting the lower secondary and lower extra coil terminals, the two coils are now connected to individual earth grounds.  These ground connections are constructed so as to introduce the least possible resistance to the earth.  In operation a powerful current flows through the subsurface between the two ground terminals.  An interaction also takes place between the two elevated terminals.  Tesla believed the electrical disturbance would extend to a great distance from the transmitter, possibly across the globe

The Generation and Transmission of Electrical Energy

The Dynamo-Electric Machine and Two-Wire Transmission

Radio-Frequency Power Supplies
     The Radio-Frequency Alternator [IRW, pp. 152-155]
     The Inductorium or “Commercial Coil” [IRW, p. 156-156]
     The High Tension Induction Coil
     The Magnifying Transmitter

     The Transmission of Radio-Frequency Electrical Energy
     One Wire Transmission (first result)
     More on One-wire Transmission
     Wireless Transmission (second result)
     The Type-one Transmitter
     The Type-two Transmitter

The Colorado Springs Experimental Station

The Wardenclyffe Plant
     Functional Description
     Earth’s Conductivity
     Surface Waves 
     Atmospheric Conductivity
     Earth Resonance
     Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums
     Nikola Tesla On His Work With Alternating Currents
     Terrestrial Resonances
     Operating Frequencies

World System Apparatus
     The Telecommunications Transmitting / Receiving Plant
     The Electrical Power Transmitting Plant
     The Helical Resonator
     The Elevated Terminal
     The Improved Elevated Terminal
     The Connection to Earth

Tesla System Receivers 
     The Wavemeter
     The Dedicated or Domestic Receiver
     The Electrical Power Substation

The Evolution of Tesla’s System for Wireless Energy Transmission
     Currents travel like currents over a wire with a return

     The Type-one Verses the Type-two Transmitter
     Relative Transmission Efficiency, Tesla vs. Marconi Systems
     Loss Mechanism
     Investigation of Tesla-Type Wireless Propagation [mathematical modeling and physical validation]
     Mathematical Model
     Model Validation

     Electrical generator connected to a closed two-wire circuit
     Radio frequency alternator 
     Radio frequency alternator
     Inductorium or commercial-type induction coil, 1891
     Tesla high-tension induction coil, 1892
     One-wire transmission using an induction coil, 1891
     One-wire transmission, 1897
     Early wireless transmission, 1891
     Basic type-1 transmitter
     Basic type-2 transmitter
     Wireless system diagram
     Tesla high-tension induction coil, 1892
     Modified type-2 transmitter
     Modified type-2 transmitter
     Modified type-2 transmitter
     Tesla type-1 and type-2 transmitters and variations of same
     Basic type-2 transmitter with receiving circuit
     Tesla spread-spectrum transmitter and receiver
     Colorado Springs transmitter design, type-2, 1899
     Wardenclyffe transmitter design, type-2, 1901
     Modified Wardenclyffe transmitter design, type-2, 1901
     Improved transmitter design, type-1, 1902
     Houston Street transmission / reception demonstration apparatus, type-1, 1898 — “a great departure”
     Elevated terminal field lines, 1919
     Improved elevated terminal, ca. 1902
     Further improved elevated terminal, ca.1936

     One-wire transmission, 1897
     One-wire transmission with ground for return, 1897
     Wireless transmission with ground for return, demonstration apparatus, 1898
     Wireless transmission with ground for return, 1900
     Diagram explanatory of wireless transmission with ground for return
     Improved Wardenclyffe-style transmitter design, type-2, 1934

     Active antenna circuit

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