Tesla Said series

The words of Nikola Tesla compiled from newspapers and magazines spanning the years 1888 to 1940.  The three volume Tesla Said series is available as a complete set:
Collected Articles of Nikola Tesla, 1888-1907 (Volume 1) 
Collected Articles of Nikola Tesla, 1908-1919 (Volume 2) 
Collected Articles of Nikola Tesla, 1920-1940 (Volume 3) 
333-TSS $67.50—an $75.00 value—SAVE $7.50
Shipping and handling for the three books is $4.00.

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A series of three books containing scientific and philosophical writings by Nikola Tesla and appearing in various magazines and newspapers spanning the years from 1888 to 1940.  Tesla speaks of his plans and accomplishments in the fields of high current alternating current power systems engineering, high frequency alternating current telecommunications and power systems engineering, and mechanical engineering.

[vol. 1]

[vol. 2]

[vol. 3]

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