Modern Tesla Coil Theory
Duane A. Bylund
iv, 142 pages, illustrated.
473-MTCT ... $19.95 

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    This work covers all of the fundamentals of Tesla coil theory and construction. It starts out by addressing tuned circuits and transmission line theory, two areas necessary to a proper understanding of resonant transformer operation. Next is a discussion of Tesla coil secondaries, the helical resonator, a critical component of every Tesla oscillator. The rest of this information packed book is dedicated to the practical application of Tesla coil design theory. The chapter on capacitive discharge oscillators provides insight into the familiar two coil system. The next chapter on vacuum tube Tesla coils introduces a variant form known as the continuous wave oscillator. This leads into the final chapter on transistorized Tesla coils. It is important to note that the author's work in the latter area has resulted in a frequency stabilized design which closely parallels Nikola Tesla's three coil design known as the magnifying transmitter. This book is highly recommended.