The Electrodynamic Universe
Lyle R. Langdon.
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    This is an interesting piece was received from the author's grandson, who had made a promise to get it into the hands of readers.  The Electrodynamic Universe is the result of Mr. Langdon's efforts to investigate the boundaries of knowledge and produce an explanation of the known phenomena of the universe.  It is written in a logical sequence, so each article is dependent upon all that has preceded it.  The book begins with a philosophical investigation into the nature of electrostatic radiation, magnetic lines of force and inductance, and moves on to deal with the relations of matter and substance to energy, and into a discussion of the relationship of these things to life or consciousness.  The proposal is offered that life, as the greatest phenomenon in the universe, must be given consideration by those in search of a unified theory.  In the author's words, "It is not introduced as an afterthought.  It follows as a corollary of all that which has preceded."




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