Scalar Wave Technology
Konstantin Meyl
611-SWT ... $12.95

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This booklet provides documentation related to the author's 'Experimental Kit' for demonstrating the transmission of electrical "scalar waves."  It contains several translated chapters of the German book Skalarwellentechnik (Scalar Wave Technology) described below.

Scalar Wave Technology

It is with excerpts from the third part of the Electromagnetic Environmental Compatibility technical seminar reprint, that saw introduction to the world of the potential eddies theory discovered by the author and their propagation as scalar waves experimentally, that this book is recommended.  

It begins with guides to five unusual demonstrations. The proof succeeds to an electrical radiation, which transfers energy, and which arrives also still faster than the light, and with which more energy at the receiver than is put into the transmitter.  Having this book in the hand, those who preserve doubt will be able to reconstruct the experiments, in order to examine them afterwards with familiar measuring instruments.

As additional documentation, some magazine articles are attached with helpful references and discussion contributions to the experiments.

It is important and timely to uncover disturbing contradictions in the conception of the world of physics. The science is requested to overcome the contradictions.  It is for this purpose the author, Konstantin Meyl, has written books on the subject of electromagnetic environmental compatibility in which a way is pointed out by which the problems can be solved.  The appropriate chapters, which are included with the 'Experimental Kit' for scalar wave transmission, are likewise taken up in this book.  Included are chapter 19.9 - 19.11 from part 2, and chapter 21 - 25 from part 3.