Scalar Wave Transponder : Field-physical basis for electrically coupled bi-directional far range transponder
Konstantin Meyl
612-SWTR ... $18.95

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This book develops the theoretical foundations for "scalar" wave transponders which are operable beyond the close range.  With the current RFID technology the transfer of energy takes place on a chip card by means of longitudinal wave components in close range of the transmitting antenna.  Those are longitudinal waves, which spread towards the electrical or the magnetic field pointer.  In the wave equation with reference to the Maxwell field equations, these wave components are set to zero, why only postulated model computations exist, after which the range is limited to the sixth part of the wavelength.  A principle goal of this book is to create, by consideration of the scalar wave components in the wave equation, the physical conditions for the development of wireless transponders which are operable beyond the close range.  The energy is transferred with the same carrier wave as the information and not over two separated ways as with conventional RFID systems.  Besides the bi-directional signal transmission, the energy transfer in both directions is additionally possible because of the resonant coupling between transmitter and receiver.  The first far range transponders developed on the basis of the extended field equations are already functional as prototypes.