Collected Articles of Nikola Tesla, 1908-1919
Tesla Said series, Volume 2
Gary Peterson, Editor
357-CA2 ... $25.00


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This is a
compilation of newspaper and magazine articles written in Nikola Tesla's own words.  Selections include,

Collected Articles of Nikola Tesla, 1908-1919:

"The Future of the Wireless Art"
"Nikola Tesla's Forecast for 1908"
"Mr. Tesla's Vision"
"Little Aeroplane Progress"
"Tesla on Aeroplanes"

"How to Signal Mars"
"Nikola Tesla's New Wireless" 12/24 
"His Wireless Light a Fact, Says Tesla"

"What Science May Achieve This Year"

"New Inventions by Tesla" (5/20)
"Tesla and His Wireless Age" (June)
"Nikola Tesla . . . Describes His New System" (9/3)
"Fluid Propulsion" (9/9)
"Tesla's New Method of and Apparatus for Fluid Propulsion" (9/9)
"Possibilities of the Gas Turbine" (9/9)
"Tesla Points Way to Turbine" (9/11)
"From the Complex to the Simple" (9/11)
"The Tesla Steam Turbine" (9/11)
"Dr. Tesla Talks of Gas Turbines" (9/18)
"Tesla's New Engine" (9/13)
"The Tesla Turbine" (9/30)
"The Tesla Steam Turbine" (10/12)
"Tesla's New Monarch of Machines" (10/15)
"Tesla's New Mechanical Principle" (10/30)
"The Tesla Turbine" (11/1)
"The Tesla Turbine" (Dec.)

"Mr. Tesla on the Future
"The Disturbing Influence of Solar Radiation on the Wireless Transmission of Energy"

"Nikola Tesla Plans to Keep "Wireless Thumb" on Ships at Sea"

"From Nikola Tesla" (Tribute to George Westinghouse)
"Tesla and Marconi"
"Science and Discovery are the great Forces which will lead to the
Consummation of the War"

"How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destinies"
"Some Personal Recollections"
"The Wonder World to Be Created by Electricity"
"Nikola Tesla Sees a Wireless Vision"
"Correction by Mr. Tesla"
"Tesla's New Device Like Bolts of Thor"

"The Tesla High Frequency Oscillator" (March)
"Wonders of the Future"

"Mr. Nikola Tesla and His Achievements"
"Electric Drive for Battle Ships" (2/25)
"Nikola Tesla Tells of Country's War Problems" (4/15)
Minutes of the Edison Medal Meeting (5/18)
"Tesla's Views On Electricity and the War" (August)
"U. S. Blows UP Tesla Radio Tower" (September)
"Destruction of Tesla's Tower . . . Hints of Spies" (5/17)

"A Lighting Machine on Novel Principles" (2/7)

"The Effects of Statics on Wireless Transmission"-Electrical Experimenter,
"Famous Scientific Illusions" (February)
A letter to the New York Tribune
"Tesla on High Frequency Generators"
"The Moon's Rotation"
"The True Wireless"
"The Moon's Rotation" - (June)
"Electrical Oscillators" (July)
"Nikola Tesla Tells How We May Fly Eight Miles High at 1,000 MPH" (July)
"Can Radio Ignite Balloons?" (Oct.)
"Signals to Mars Based on Hope of Life on Planet"

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