Nikola Tesla -- Collected Articles and Lectures, Volume 2
Franz Ferzak, Ulrich Heerd, Editor

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NOTICE: While discontinued, all but one of the 90 articles found in this book appear in other publications, specifically Tesla Said, Nikola Tesla 1856-1943  Lectures  Patents  Articles, The Problem of Increasing Human Energy, Nikola Tesla's Teleforce and Telegeodynamics Proposals, My Inventions, and Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla.  The one exception is "German Cosmic Ray Theory Questioned."


This book features 90 more articles by Tesla addressing the subjects of wireless telecommunications and energy transmission, scientific theories, military subjects, biography, etc.  The book starts with Tesla's Reply to Edison, July 14, 1905 and includes "Developments in Practice and Art of Telephotography," a detailed article on the transmission of still photographs plus brief comments on the development of television.  Also in this volume: "Tesla on Wireless," "Tesla and Marconi," "Tesla Sees a Wireless Vision," "Tesla Tells of New Radio Theories," "Talking With Planets," "How To Signal Mars," "Interplanetary Communication," "The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires," "Wireless Power Can Bridge Gap to Mars," "The Wonder World to be Created by Electricity," "A Lighting Machine of Novel Principles," "Our Future Motive Power; Mr. Tesla's Vision," "Famous Scientific Illusions," "Tesla on Einstein's Theories," "Tesla's Tidal Wave to Make War Impossible," "My Submarine Destroyer," "Electric Autos" and much more.

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