Proceedings of the 1992 International Tesla Symposium (hardcover)
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    This is a collection of papers presented during the Summer of 1992 in Colorado Springs. The speakers included James and Kenneth Corum, James Hardesty, John Sutton, Gary Johnson, J.F.X. Daum, Sid Romero and George Wiseman. The topics were the History of Wireless & Vacuum Tubes; Tesla Coils & the Magnifying Transmitter; Alternate Energy Research; and, Advancing the Physics Paradigm.
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  • Marc Seifer
        "The Secret History of Wireless Communication"    1

  • Kenneth, James & Joel Corum
        "Dr. Mahlon Loomis: Terra Alta's Neglected Discoverer of RF Communication"    19

  • James Hardesty
        "The Experiments of Kristian Birkeland"    35

  • Sid Romero
        "Practical Construction and Testing of Tesla Coils"    41

  • William Wysock
        "Design & Construction of a 1/2 Wave Tesla Coil"    51

  • Kenneth & James Corum
        "Tesla and the Magnifying Transmitter"    55

  • John Sutton
        "The Black Hole Antenna"    79

  • Gary Johnson
        "Tesla Coil Instrumentation"    93

  • John Couture
        "A New Tesla Coil Design Approach"    106

  • George Wiseman
        "The Energy Conserver Method"    111

  • Dan Davidson
        "Electrostatics: A Key to Free Energy"    125

  • Thomas Valone
        "Tesla Technology Research Results"    132

  • Roger Billings
        "The LaserCel"    141

  • Walter Baumgartner
        "Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature"    147

  • Moray B. King
        "Progress in Zero-Point Energy Research"    157

  • Glen Rein
        "Non-Hertzian Effects on the Atomic Spectra of Water"    165

  • Larry Spring
        "Electromagnetic Energy from Antennas to Atoms"    178

  • J.F.X. Daum
        "Thoughts on Tesla's Particle Beam Technology"    183

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