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Nikola Tesla Museum Guide / Compact Museum Guide
24 pages
Little Guide Through the Nikola Tesla Museum, issued in 1976, that makes you familiar with the exhibits in detail.
Language: English
359-NTMG ... $5.00

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The Collection Of Orders From Nikola Tesla Legacy
Zorica Civric
For the first time ever, a complete catalog of museum collections is being issued; in full color, with 12 awards and diplomas that Nikola Tesla received during his lifetime.  By reading the book you will learn who gave the awards and when they were given.
100 pages, B5 format, paperback
Language: English - Serbian
370-ONTL ... $25.00

Nikola Tesla 1856-1943 : Lectures  Patents  Articles (hardcover)
Nikola Tesla
Reprint of the book containing Tesla’s patents, articles and lectures. The only authentic publication.
856 pages, A4 format
Language: English

Order the following books directly from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade:


The Strasburg Diary of 1883 and 1884
Nikola Tesla
Tesla lived in Strasburg where he worked for Edison’s electric company in the area of electrification of the Strasburg train station.  The diary was kept in the German language.  The museum for the first time publishes the original German text with parallel translation in the Serbian language.  The book is illustrated with drawings of electrical machinery dating to the end of the 19th century.
250 pages, A5 format, hard cover
Language: German - Serbian

Nikola Tesla in Belgrade 1892
Zorica Civric and Bratislav Stoiljkovic, graduated engineers
Research that accompanies the “Nikola Tesla in Belgrade” exhibit.  Authors are the curators of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade
Complete bibliography of texts from media in Serbia and Vojvodina during the 1890s. 
95 pages
Language: Serbian

Correspondence with Relatives
Compiled by Dubravka Smiljanic and Zorica Civric
This book contains the complete correspondence of Nikola Tesla with his sisters, nephews, uncles and other relatives. The text is accompanied by detailed commentary from the compilers.
400 pages, A5 format, hard cover
Language: Serbian

100 Years of Remote Guidance/Control
Research of Yugoslav authors based on Tesla’s experiments with remote controlled vessels.
124 pages, B5 format, illustrated
Language: English-Serbian

Nikola Tesla  Work with Electrical Energy
Prof. Radoslav Horvat
A collection of Nikola Tesla's patents and articles containing knowledge developed in the area of electrical machinery design.
300 pages, A4 format, hard cover, illustrated.
Language: Serbian

Catalogue of Tesla's Patents
A list of Tesla's patents, sa dodatkom Bajke o elektricitetu.
55 pages
Language: English-Serbian

Tesla Discoveries in Machinery
Prof. Miroslav Benisek, Editor
Articles about Tesla’s inventions in the field of machinery.  Translation of patents and commentary on the same.
125 pages
Language: Serbian

Radiotehnika (Radio Technology) - Nikola Tesla's Radio Technology Patents
Nikola Tesla, with commentary by Prof. Aleksandar Marinčić
Tesla’s articles and patents iz ove oblasti.  Illustrations and patent archives. 
109 pages
Language: Serbian

Nikola Tesla  Story of Childhood  
Nikola Tesla, illustrated by Dušan Petričić
A children's book.  Tesla’s story about his childhood, with his pet Macak.
36 illustrated pages.
Language: Serbian

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